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Posted: 24 Jan 2013 05:22 PM PST

Zhang Ziyi avoids Lee hom's hugs 1

May Daily Says, Pop singer Wang Lee-hom (王力宏) was extremely embarrassed after his two attempts to hug actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) were publicly rebuffed.

Not unnaturally (or is it!) his very public display of heterosexual attention was seen as a desperate attempt to pour smoke over the rumor he is riding brokeback with classical pianist Li Yundi (李云迪).

The awkward scene occurred when Lee-hom and Ziyi attended an event in Beijing recently.

When Lee-hom approached Ziyi for a big hug, Ziyi looked shocked and managed to dodge him.

With dozens of photographers aiming their cameras at the pair, Lee-hom tried to hug her again, but Ziyi managed to extricate herself.

The atmosphere instantly froze.

To break the ice, Ziyi later sat down next to him to strike up a conversation.

Some netizens praised Ziyi for being dodgy, while others suspected that Ziyi did not want her reputation for being a seductress to spread even further — certainly not to her boyfriend the TV host Sa Beining (撒贝宁), who could get jealous and not pop the question.

Ziyi's manager explained that the two always hug when seeing each other. However, Lee-hom was not aware that Ziyi wore a bare-back dress that day, or that she was frightened of a wardrobe malfunction.

What a classy explanation!

Zhang Ziyi avoids Lee hom's hugs 2

Zhang Ziyi avoids Lee hom's hugs 3

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