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China Buzz

Biggest French Maid Gathering Turns Scary

Posted: 23 Jan 2013 06:04 PM PST

french maid gathering 1
Source: Marketing to China

Chinese game company organized and applied for Guinness record-breaking biggest French maid gathering.

This gathering was organized by 17173 Game, in Shanghai World Financial Center.

It was claimed by the organizer that there would be over 300 beautiful girls cos-playing in French maid dress to set a record of the "biggest gathering of French maid".


However, only 264 female were present and 140 of them were paid to come after the gathering started. Some of them don't even know what's happening there. There were even some middle-aged women mixed in them and bargaining for the price!


That's not a little far away from the maids in MANGA!


To be ugly is not your fault, but it's not necessary for you to come out and scare people in French Maid dress.

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Netizens seem to be irritated and inspired again by the "Guinness record-breaking scary gathering", as they comments:

春哥之神力: 斯巴达300女仆!

(this is Sparta ~300 FRENCH MAID!)


(WTF maids they are!!!)

被逆推的傲娇受: 单纯报复社会…

(It's pure revenge to the society…)

All right, let's knock off the jokes. The fact is now in China, Guinness is gradually losing its attraction to the people because too many companies from many industries like food market are using that for catching eyes: the biggest moon-cake, the most people playing Taichi together… People really get tired with this and some of them begin to joke on this,"why not sharpen a log and apply for the Guinness-record breaking toothpick?!"

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