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China Buzz

43-year-old Annie Yi releases bikini photoshoot

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 11:10 PM PST

annie yi bikini photoshoot 5

Taiwan singer-actress Annie Yi has recently released a bikini photoshoot, showing off her hot figure.

The 43-year-old veteran idol star began her entertainment career at the age of 19. She had been know for her pure image. But in recent years, she has started to make sexy appearance in various events.

In early this year, Annie Yi stripped naked for the PETA’s anti-fur campaign. She said that was the first time she showed herself in public with absolutely nothing on, but she was rather proud of that.

Annie Yi enjoys a large base of fans in mainland.

Her new book about the secrets to maintain beauty is expected to break a new record. Reportedly, on the popular Chinese online bookstore, hundreds of copies were sold out only in several hours.

She also has won applause from the Chinese netizens and her 6 million followers on Weibo, for overtly supporting the Southern Weekly’s protest against censorship, the popular “Southern Weekly incident”.

Check out the beauty of the idol below!

annie yi bikini photoshoot 1

Annie Yi bikini photoshoot

Annie Yi bikini photoshoot

annie yi bikini photoshoot 2

annie yi bikini photoshoot 3

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