Friday, December 28, 2012

China Buzz

China Buzz

Pictures: Elderly man raises national flags and pledges allegiance to protest against forced demolition

Posted: 26 Dec 2012 06:09 PM PST

old man vs foced demolition 1

An aged woman, surnamed Ji, raised six national flags and put up a banner that reads “I love Chinese Communist Party, I love Central People’s Government” in front of his house in Dongying, Shangdong province, when a large scale of forced demolition is under way.

Reportedly, the demolition started this March, and the old man has been protesting against it since then.

In order to force him to relocate, the demolition team have cut off the electricity and water supplies, and built a 3-meter high wall to block his way out.

The poor old man is living alone with his disabled wife, as their only son was drafted into the army in this January and is now serving in the South China Sea’s Fleet.

For survival, the old man has to climb up the wall and carry back the food and water from outside.

But the old man believed that the government would not leave them there suffering. So he swore an oath to the bright five-star red flags every day.

old man vs foced demolition 2

old man vs foced demolition 4

old man vs foced demolition 3

old man vs foced demolition 5

old man vs foced demolition 6

Gas leaks as road collapses

Posted: 26 Dec 2012 03:43 PM PST

road cave-in in Taiyuan

On December 26, a HUGE road cave-in occurred at the intersection of two busy streets in Taiyuan city, capital of Shanxi province, causing a bad traffic jam.

The 15-meter wide collapse also damaged three gas pipes and a water pipe, affecting 12 thousand residents.

The above picture shows that the firefighters diluted gas that leaked from the broken pipes.

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