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China Buzz

Which goddess you dream to stay through the doomsday

Posted: 19 Dec 2012 11:55 PM PST

There is a joke among Chinese netizens about the doomsday’s rumor:

If you have two tickets to board the Noah’s Yak, who in the following do you want to take together with you?

1. Aoi Sola, a Japanese adult video actress who has immense popularity in China. She was respectfully called "Teacher" by Chinese netizens, because to many of them she is their first teacher on sex.
aoi sola

2. Rola Takizawa, a new Japanese AV star, rising now in China to challenge Aoi Sola as Japan’s porn princess. She is popular in China for her half-Japanese and half-Russian look.
Takizawa Rola

3. Liu Yan, the sexiest hostess in China, known for her 36D cup boobs.
Liu Yan

4. Zhou Weitong, a super model from Guizhou, who ever caused a huge sensation after the release of her sexy pictorial books shot in Japan.
Zhou Weitong

5. Zhang Xinyu, the No. 1 beauty in the online game industry. She’s a sex fantasy to many of Otaku die-hards.
Zhang Xinyu

6. Pan Shuangshuang, a busty model, known as Little Shuqi in the entertainment circle. She shot to fame after her bed photos with Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam were leaked.
Pan Shuangshuang

7. Zhang Wanyou, the top showgirl. She’s another sex fantasy to Otaku die-hards.
Zhang Wanyou

8. Angelababy, a Hong Kong soft model, whose popularity surged after her romance with China heartthrob Huang Xiaoming came to light.

9. Zhang Zetian, an Internet celebrity, known as “Milk Tea Girl (奶茶妹妹)”. She became famous in 2009, when a photo of her holding a cup of milk tea was spread online. Netizens fell for her innocent and beautiful look. Zhang is now a student in Tsinghua University.
milk tea girl

10. Gan Lulu, a notorious model, known for her revealing attires in various events.
Gan Lulu

Lu Jiali voted as the prettiest mistress by web users

Posted: 19 Dec 2012 02:23 PM PST

prettiest mistress
Lu Jiali

Remember an allegation online that 95% of corrupt Chinese officials investigated had at least a mistress? When the corrupt official’s ill gotten gains grow to an extend, possibly only sex can be used to bribe them.

Currently, the topic of mistresses as an “anti-corruption tool” has been re-picked by the public, and “who is the prettiest mistress to the corrupt officials” has been voted online too, after Lei Zhengfu (雷政富), a former boss of Chongqing’s Beibei District, was fired from his position when a leaked sex tape went viral online showing him having sex with an 18-year old mistress.

lei zhengfu
Lei Zhengfu

Lu Jiali (卢嘉丽), a Jiangsu-born model, takes the crown as the prettiest mistress.

Reportedly, Lu had become a mistress to several Party members from 2002 to 2006, and gained a large sum of money from her employer. She fled the country in 2006, after the matter came to light.

The 36-year-old model was hired by businessman Zhang Rongkun in 2002 to sleep with Zhu Junyi the first time, who was a senior Party member in charge of Shanghai social security fund, in exchange for the help that Zhang can secretly “borrowed” money from Shanghai social security fund for his business.

Since then, Zhang Rongkun’s personal fortune had increased so quickly, that he was ever ranked No. 48 in a list for richest Chinese in 2005. Lu also pocketed tens of millions of yuan from her job as a mistress to Zhu Junyi.

In order to extend her relationship network, Lu Jiali also opened a model agency, pimping models and actresses to powerful officials. She had rented two presidential suites in a luxury hotel in Shanghai especially for these officials to have their sexy orgies there.

Lu Jiali is a smart woman. Every time when she had sex with the officials, she secretly taped the sexual encounters to keep as an evidence.

Such an atrocious sexual bribe scandal did not surface until 2006 when Lu offered sexual favors to a former Shanghai senior official with an actress in Paris, which was exposed by a local newspaper. Zhang Rongkun was thus investigated too.

Lu fled the country, and left the sex tapes to Zhang in a hope to help him seek for a lighter punishment.

In late 2006, when former Director of the National Bureau of Statistics Qiu Xiaohua was investigated, it was found Qiu was among those corrupt officials who had been bribed by the wanted fugitive with sex too.

Man attacks women on subway for love failure

Posted: 19 Dec 2012 06:28 AM PST

man slashes women on subway

Because of relationship problems with his girlfriend, a man in Beijing sought revenge on society by cutting innocent women’s faces on the subway.

A photo taken by a witnesses showing the blood stain on the floor of the Beijing subway train has gone rampant on the Internet, and sparked off outrage among netizens.

It was said, several young women have been attacked by the man right before the train stopped. And the offender quickly fled away, before the victims realized and attempted to catch him.

The man was finally arrested on December 13 by local police.

The 25-year-old suspect, surnamed Hu, is an unemployed Beijing local. His motive behind the crimes was due to his emotional frustration for his love problems, according to local police.

Gross! Student spots condom in food at school canteen

Posted: 19 Dec 2012 05:29 AM PST

condom in food

Recently, a college student from Beijing took the surprise of his life to discover a cooked condom in his rice when eating at the school’s canteen.

The condom had been removed from the wrapping but it was not clear whether it had been used or not.

The sad fact is having bugs mixed in the food happened often, especially in the fast food restaurants. But what to explain the condom?

Interestingly, when the angry student went to confront the cook, the cook calmly replied, “Haven’t you seen it before? That’s the sausage’s casing.”

Source: May Daily

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