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China Buzz

Chen Guangbiao issues ad in NYTimes to assert China’s claim to Diaoyu Islands

Posted: 02 Sep 2012 12:00 AM PDT

Chen Guangbiao issues ad in NYTimes to assert China's claim to Diaoyu Islands

Chinese philanthropist and entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao, famous for his high-profile but unorthodox ways to do his charity work and promote the low-carbon lifestyle, has published a half-page advertisement on New York Times on August 31 to declare that the Diaoyu Islands belong to China.

How would Americans feel, and what would America do, if Japan announced that Hawaii was its territory?
-A call for peace to prevent Japan’s claim on China’s Diaoyu Islands

Chen Guangbiao, citizen of China and ambassador of peace, solemnly declares to the U.S. government and the American people:

  • The Diaoyu Islands have been part of China since antiquity.
  • Japan’s right wing is now violating China’s territorial sovereignty and threatening the stability and security of the Asia Pacific region.
  • The Diaoyu Islands dispute and Japan’s so-called move to nationalize the islands, were incited by Japan’s right wing and should be steadfastly protested.
  • I call on the U.S government and people everywhere to condemn Japan’s provocative behavior.”

Chen’s advertisement written in both English and Chinese was in response to an advertisement in The Wall Street Journal on July 27 bought by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The 43-year-old was believed to try promoting himself again, but his ad campaign was backed by many of netizens, who were so disappointed at the CCP taking no tough and effective steps against Japan.

The CCP was criticized for only knowing to make verbal protests when there were provocative moves from Japan.

Today, an inspection team with 25 members from the Tokyo government reached the waters off Diaoyu Islands and conducted an offshore survey as a part of their plan to buy the islets and build a harbour there. Again, in response, Beijing called it “illegal” and “invalid,” and made “solemn representations,” but took no further significant moves.

Chinese public outraged after flight attendant climb-down into powerful official

Posted: 01 Sep 2012 11:54 AM PDT

Flight attendant climbs down to powerful military official, Chinese public outraged

Chinese netizens demand for the truth behind the climb-down, after the female flight attendant chose to reconcile with a military official who was alleged to have beaten her, and army authorities vehmently denied the allegations.

“We could be the next victim,” outcried netizens, who believed the stewardess was under the threat, and called that the official who abused his power should be punished.

The incident occurred on a China Southern Airlines flight from Heifei to Guangzhou on August 29, when Fang Daguo, later identified as a political commissar in the armed forces department of the Yuexiu district of Guangzhou and member of the Standing Committee of the District, boarded the flight with his family late and arrogantly ordered the stewardess, known as @花Money买毛豆 on Sina Weibo, to move away some equipment to make room for his suitcases. After the stewardess explained the devices were fastened and could not be moved, altercation aroused and eventually turned physical.

Fang Daguo was accused of beating the attendant with his luggage and insulting her. Later, when Fang noticed the attendand was taking snaps of the scene, he went forward again to attempt grabbing away her mobile phone and ripped her uniform.

During the confrontation, Fang was also said to have threatened the victim that he was a member of the People’s congrass and knew her boss.

The stewardess reported the case to the police, and when the flight reached Guangzhou, both sides were taken to a police station.

Later at night, the stewardess sought help from the Internet too, tweeting her experience on her Sina Weibo with photos of her injuries. The entry and photos were re-posted hundreds of thousands times shortly after, and aroused huge attention.

Through China’s famous “human flesh search engine (人肉搜索),” the offender was quickly identified as a political commissar. More outrage then followed on the websphere, as the CCP-ruling country has seen too many cases of previliged offcials in power abusing their status.

Responding to the matter that had gone out of control, the authorties of Yuexiu District of Guangzhou said the military and police were on the case and would soon release the results after investigation.

But the results released yesterday disappointed the public, as they said the military official did not physically hit the flight attendant.

And the victim also said on her Weibo that, Fang and his wife have already given her “their sincere apology,” and the matter has been settled properly.

The accusation that Fang called military cars to threaten the victim was refuted too.

It seems the matter is over now, but the public don’t want to “call it quits” as the authorities wished.

A journalist reached a student from the Central African Public, who had observed the incident as his seat was close to Fang’s family. He disclosed that he did see the man held the stewardess’s arm between his fingers, but the man’s wife scratched her own arm in order to convince the police that it was the victim who started the confrontation.

Chinese netizens were disappointed at the stewardess who gave up so easily at the end, and in the same time, they lashed the CCP has a monopoly on power and demanded an answer for the story behind the victim’s climb-down.

Ren Zhiqiang, a real estate tycoon who earned fame by making righteous comments for ordinary people, also urged people to continue fighting with the authoritarian, tweeting, “If there is no resistance, there is no freedom. If there is no upright force, it will be for ever dark. Next time such a darkness may happen to you too.

Flight attendant climbs down to powerful military official, Chinese public outraged

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