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China Buzz

China Buzz

Two flights receive threatening messages in two days

Posted: 30 Aug 2012 12:23 PM PDT

Two flights receive threatening messages in two days

Two flights in China received threatening messages within only two days, forcing them to divert their directions.

On Wednesday evening, an Air China flight, flight CA981, returned to the Beijing Capital International Airport, about eight hours after it had departed for New York.

The authorities announced that the flight was returned out of concern for passenger safety, as it received a threatening message, while rumors online suggested that a corrupt official was believed onboard with a huge sum of cash attempting to flee the country.

However, nothing abnormal was found after it safely landed at the Beijing airport without prior notification to passengers, and it took off again hours later.

On Thursday evening, a similar incident occurred to a Shenzhen Airlines flight, from Xiangfan city in Hubei Province to Shenzhen.

The flight ZH9706 was diverted to an airport in Wuhan city after it received a threatening message too, according to authorities.

Police have intervened to investigate both of the cases, but no results have been yet disclosed.

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