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China Buzz

US: we don’t take position, but islets covered under US-Japan Treaty that protects Japanese territory

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 06:51 PM PDT

The following video excerpted from the U.S. State Department’s daily press briefing on Tuesday in Washington about the Diaoyu Islands has gone viral on Chinese websphere and aroused public outcries.

The State Department Spokesman, Victoria Nuland, when questioned by a Chinese journalist, confirmed that the U.S. takes the Japanese name, Senkaku, as the official name for the island group in East China Sea, and that the Islands are covered under the US−Japan Security Treaty though reaffirming its neutral position over them.

The tensions between Japan and China have risen, as anti-Japan protests have flared in China after 10 nationalists from Japan landed on the Diaoyu Islands, and a Chinese protester blocked an official car carrying Japanese Ambassador to China and ripped the Japanese flag from the car in Beijing. The U.S. intervention no doubt makes the matter worse.

Though China has seen more and more pro-U.S. Chinese people for its freedom, when it comes to the country’s territory and dignity its people stand together to fight by the strong sense of affinity.

Amid anti-American sentiment, some netizens commented, “It doesn’t matter what other people do, but what matters is what we do. If we do nothing, but just verbal protests, it is no help even if they all call it Diaoyu Islands.


QUESTION: What is the official name for the Senkaku Islands for the United States? Is it Diaoyu Islands or Senkaku Islands, or both are okay?

MS. NULAND: Our – I'm going to go to my special little rocks cheat sheet here, because this is getting quite complicated with lots of –

QUESTION: Yes. Do you have one?

MS. NULAND: — different things here. So let me make sure I get it right here. So the one – yeah. So as we've said, we call them the Senkakus, so if that's the question that you're asking. We don't take a position on them, though, as I've said all the way through.

QUESTION: So you don't take a position on them, but on the other hand you think the islands is covered by the Defense Treaty between Japan and the United States, right? Is that correct? Do you think that those two things are contradictory, because –

MS. NULAND: Yes. We've consistently said that we see them falling under the scope of Article 5 of the 1960 U.S.-Japan Treaty.

QUESTION: Do you think that is contradictory? Because for me, it sounds like contradictory. You said you don't have a position on the sovereignty of the islands, but on the other hand you said it's covered by the treaty, which only protects Japanese territories.

MS. NULAND: But this is because the Senkakus have been under the administrative control of the Government of Japan since they were returned as part of the reversion of Okinawa since 1972.

QUESTION: So let me rephrase my question. Do you regard the islands as Japanese territory?

MS. NULAND: Again, we don't take a position on the islands, but we do assert that they are covered under the treaty.

QUESTION: So you think these islands is under the administration of –

MS. NULAND: I think I've answered the question. Let's move on.

QUESTION: No. You don't have –

MS. NULAND: Nicole. Nicole.

Jackie Chan leads “Lung Girls” to promote new film CZ12

Posted: 29 Aug 2012 01:13 PM PDT

Jackie Chan Lung leads Lung Girls to promote new film CZ12

Jackie Chan‘s latest film “CZ12″ held a press conference in Beijing on August 27.

The film could be the last action project for the internationally known Kung Fu star, but it won’t be an end to his career as he said he still have several other scripts in hand now.

The 58-year-old Big Brother made a “high-profile landing” to the press conference on Monday, driving a luxury sports car Lamborghini with two actresses Yao Xingtong (姚星彤) and Zhang Lanxin (张蓝心), who are hailed as Jackie Chan’s new “Lung Girls” (or 龙女郎; actresses who rose to fame through Jackie Chan Lung’s films).

During the conference, the starlets were lionized by the veteran actor.

Jackie praised Yao’s devotion to the filming work, saying that she had kept on a “24-hour standby” for shooting every day and learned good French language in only three months for the movie.

And Taekwondo Athlete-turned-actress Zhang proudly showed off her Kung Fu skills at the conference. She was ever the winner of the 2004 National Taekwondo Championship 55kg Female Final.

It was learned, the film “CZ12″ is scheduled to hit Chinese cinemas on December 20.

Jackie Chan Lung leads Lung Girls to promote new film CZ12

Jackie Chan Lung leads Lung Girls to promote new film CZ12

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