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China Buzz

China Buzz

Foshan city says no to beggars for its “image project”

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 11:12 PM PDT

Foshan city says no to beggars for its image project

Foshan municipal government in southeast China’s Guangdong province unveiled a new measure to drive the beggars and homeless people out of the city, amid the recent pubic criticism against the last move to tackle begging by placing pyramid-shaped cement cones (see the following picture) under the overpasses to keep away the homeless and beggars from sleeping there in cities like Guangzhou and Foshan.

Foshan city says no to beggars for its image project
Pyramid-shaped cement cones used to prevent the homeless and beggars from sleeping under overpasses.

“Public squares, bus stations, ports, docks, pedestrian bridges, stadiums, theaters, parks, tourist attractions and other public places would have no people begging or sleeping,” said the new measure.

The measure was drafted by Foshan city’s Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, aiming to improve the image of the city.

The bureau believed begging is an “uncivilized phenomenon” and has a negative impact on the look of a city.

Source: ChinaJilin

Japan launches “tits charity” to encourage people to donate

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 03:20 PM PDT

Japan launches

On August 25 and 26, a special AIDS prevention camgaign was held by the TV program “24-Hour TV: Eroticism Saves the Earth” in Tokyo to encourage Japanese to make donations to fight AIDS with exposed breasts of AV models, according to ifeng.

Any participants making a donation of 1000 yen to the charity can have a chance to grasp the models’ boobs at the 10th campaign of the telethon that raised the fund annually to help prevent the spread of AIDS, with the slogans like “Stop! AIDS,” and “Let’s put on a condom.”

It was reported, as of the afternnon of August 26, the program had attracted over 4,690 contributors, and raised more than 4.2 million yen that doubled the amount fetched last year. Interestingly, some men made donations for 20 times throughout the campaign.

All the money raised would be given to Japan Fundation for AIDS Prevention. The TV program added, they focued on AIDS among many social problems in Japan, because the reported AIDS cases have steadily increased in the country.

This year, the program featured as many as 10 AV models for participants to choose from.

Boy injured as frozen cola exploded

Posted: 28 Aug 2012 01:15 PM PDT

Boy injured as frozen cola exploded

A young boy from Shanghai sustained serious cuts to his cheek, after a can of Pepsi cola exploded when he took it out from a freezer and opened it on July 25.

The explosion ruptured the can, and forced the lid to cut through the boy’s left cheek. As a result, the young victim got 31 stitches on the face of his cheek and 7 other stitches inside the checck.

Respoding to the accident, a staff from Shanghai Pepsi-Cola company said they have made a report to the company. But as of press time, Pepsi hasn’t yet released any comments publicly.

However, it was learned it was not the only case that people got injured in cola explosion. A can of Soda can explode in high temperature, as well as in freezing temperature. When the soda freezes, it expands and pressurizes the gas inside the container, which would eventually strain or burst it.

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