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Petitioning mother of rape victim freed from labor camp after online protest

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 08:17 PM PDT

Mother of underage rape victim freed from labor camp after online protest

August 11, a mother petitioning for justice for her daughter who was abducted, raped and forced into prostitution when only 11 years old was finally released from a labor camp by Yongzhou Judicial Department in central China’s Hunan province, under pressure of the public criticism.

The underage rape victim’s mother, named Tang Hui, has been petitioning in front of local government buildings demanding tougher punishment to suspects involved in her daughter’s case and complaining that local police had helped them falsify evidence to reduce the sentences, which led to her arrest on August 2, 2012. She was sent to 18 months in labor camp on the charge of “seriously disturbing social order and exerting a negative impact on society.”

The ridiculous punlishment of the local authority of Yongzhou city quickly sparked a huge storm of public outrage online. Lots of netizens called on Sina Weibo for an immeidate release of Tang, and urged the CCP to abolish the “labor camp education system” which enables authorities to put people in prison without going to trial and then take retribution against them in prison.

Tang’s daughter, now 17 years old, has been suffering from mental disorder and lifelong venereal disease, after she was rescued from a brothel on December 30, 2006. The then 11-year-old girl was abducted in October, 2006, and had been beaten, raped and forced into prostitution for three months by a local criminal ring which often organized and forced girls to prostitute flagrantly.

According to online posts, an official from the local public security bureau offered protection to the criminal ring and frequently ignored the report from Tang in the beginning. Later during the trials, local police falsified the evidence for the criminal suspects too, and provided information to help a number of them to flee from arrest.

In six years, Tang’s family had been followed and threatened by the thugs, which ever forced Tang to leave the hometown for Beijing to seek justice in 2008. (The petition in Beijing ended up in failure though, as local police chased Tang to Beijing and took her back.)

At last on June 5 this year, two of the criminal suspects were sentenced to death by the Hunan Provincial Higher People’s Court, and four others were given life sentences. There were some others receiving 15-year term in prison too.

But, the victim’s mother was dissatisfied with the verdicts and repeatedly petitioned for tougher punishment on these suspects. Besides, she also complained that police have helped falsify the evidence to reduce sentences of them.

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