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China Buzz

School leader involved in group sex scandal after government officials

Posted: 11 Aug 2012 12:46 AM PDT

School leader drawn into group sex scandal after government officials denied their involvement

Following after Lujiang county of Anhui province denied the accusation that its party secretary and deputy-party secretary were among the three men in a set of over 100 group-sex photos, some web users changed to say a man is in fact a senior leader from a college in Hefei city, Anhui province.

The pictures capturing three men and two women in a group sex scene were uploaded on August 8, and quickly swept the Internet.

The two men were alleged to be the top government officials of Lujiang county initially, as the officials’ photos that were spread along with the nude photos show that they resemble the men participating in the group sex.

The top officials, Wang Minsheng and Jiang Dabin, have denied the accusation, and claimed that some ones modified the photos by computer software to attack them for unknown reasons.

But it is easily seen that the photos have no trace of computer software modifications. And according to the online link leading to the original nude photos, they were taken long time ago from a real goup sex scene in Kunming by wife-swappers.

Yesterday afternoon when the set of photos continued to spread online amid censorship, some netizens pointed out a man in the pictures should be a deputy secretary of C.Y.L. (Communist Youth League) committee from a college in Hefei city by going through “Human Flesh Search” engine. They in the same time uploaded this school leader’s photos for netizens to compare too.

And it seems now the college leader has admitted to the Tencent microblog platform that he’s truly the one in the group sex photos, and the other two are just his friends but not Lujiang government officials.

The college leader also denied that the women were the teachers from the college.

He said he did that five years ago, and is now very regretful. He has paid a heavy price for his act.

However, the school authority is unavailable to the matter at the moment.

Chinese businessman builds Noah’s Ark to protect people from Doomsday

Posted: 10 Aug 2012 11:35 PM PDT

Chinese businessman builds Noah's Ark to protect people from Doomsday

A Chinese businessman has aroused the world attention, after he unveiled his own emergency disaster survival capsule, or “Noah’s Ark”, which he had spent two years and around 1.5 million yuan to build.

The businessman, surnamed Yang, boasted that his Noah’s Ark, 4 meters in diameter with a thick steel shell and shock-proof with 300 springs and 75 airbags, can sustain 1,700 degrees Celsius of heat, 350 tons of collision impact, magnitude-10 earthquake and Tsunami.

Inside the yellow sphere, there are food, water and air stored, and a family of three can survive for over two weeks.

To prove what he has boasted, Yang made a test on Monday with hundreds of curious locals onlooking. He climbed into the ball himself, and rolled down a 50m hill into a pool. He then came out unscatched except for a tiny cut in his chin as he did not properly wear the helmet.

And Yang set a smaller mode of his “Noah’s Ark” on fire to test its heat resistance too. He proudly showed the public a fully-preserved iced lolly that had survived inside after the fire.

It was said Yang has received orders from another Chinese business and his invention is also available now in Alibaba selling at a cost of 28,000 yuan.

Chinese businessman builds Noah's Ark to protect people from Doomsday

Chinese businessman builds Noah's Ark to protect people from Doomsday

Woman takes 4m long boa constrictor to crowded beach

Posted: 10 Aug 2012 10:33 PM PDT

Woman takes 4m long boa constrictor to crowded beach for swim

August 9, at a beach in Dalian, a coastal city in Northeast China’s Liaoning province, a woman attracted a lot of attention carrying her 4-meter long pet boa constrictor to swim in the sea.

Tourists who were spending their holiday there were greatly amazed and went to take photos with the huge snake.

The above photo was uploaded to the China’s twitter like microblog, Sina Weibo, and soon sparked intense interests among netizens too.

The woman said she has been feeding the snake raw meat for 11 years.

Chongqing launches massive manhunt for the escaped serial killer

Posted: 10 Aug 2012 11:59 AM PDT

Chongqing launches manhunt for the escaped serial killer

The suspected gunman, identified as Zhou Kehua, who shot a woman dead and seriously injured another two in front of a local branch of the Bank of China in Shapingba district, Chongqing Municipality at 9:34 am, August 10, was believed to be the same person behind Nanjing robbery in January 6 this year that killed a man by gunfire too and robbed away 200 thousand cash. An anonymous officer from the public security department of Chongqing government has confirmed it.

The suspect fled again on a motorcycle after murdering the woman and grabbing away her yellow handbag. Chongqing authority soon launched a massive manhunt the same day, and mobilized a large group of armed police officers to enter Geleshan mountain to round up the suspect.

A reward of 500,000 yuan for information leading to the man’s arrest was also offered, but police warned citizens to not dirburb him or attempt to capture him on their own if finding his trace, as the suspect is extremely violent and wicked.

According to Chongqing police, the escaped suspect is a Chongqing local, born on February 6, 1970, 1.67 meters tall. He is suspected of having committed a series of murders and robberies in Jiangsu and Hunan provinces and Chongqing Municipality since 2004, leading 8 persons dead.

Chongqing launches manhunt for the escaped serial killer

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