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China Buzz

Sexy Cosplayer banned from ChinaJoy 2012

Posted: 29 Jul 2012 12:02 AM PDT

Sexy Cosplayer banned from ChinaJoy 2012

Model Li Ling, who caused a big Internet wave by showing off a breathtaking cosplay of the goddess Athena for an online gaming company, ZQGAME, on the first day of ChinaJoy 2012, is ultimately banned by China’s Administration of Press and Publication and ChinaJoy’s organizer.

According to source close to the China’s largest gaming fair, the Administration of Press and Publication and ChinaJoy’s organizer have strongly condemned ZQGAME and demanded the company to cancel the contract with the model. Obviously now, the government is determined to crack down on vulgarity in China’s digital gaming conventions notorious for scantily dressed showgirls.

To avoid the penalty from the organizer that will force the company to leave this year’s gaming expo. ZQGAME seems to have broken up with Li Ling.

At 18:16 p.m. on July 27, the 22-year-old model tweeted on Sina Weibo (@angel宝贝歪歪), “Today, I was demanded by the organizer to leave the booth, just after I completed the first performance. I was not allowed to take part in the following two days’ activities too. It came all of sudden, I don’t know how to do the next. I just wanted to do my own job well. Every showgirl works very hard, behind every smiling face is our bitterness. You have to move on, everyone. There are still two days to go. But I have to leave for home early.

Sexy Cosplayer banned from ChinaJoy 2012

Zhang Ziyi’s nude body double reveals casting couch in China’s entertainment circle

Posted: 28 Jul 2012 02:13 PM PDT

Zhang Ziyi's nude body double reveals casting couch in China's entertainment circle

Actress Shao Xiaoshan (邵小珊), known as Zhang Ziyi‘s stand-in in some bathing and sex scenes in Feng Xiaogang’s 2006 blockbuster “The Banquet“, recently revealed on her Sina Blog that the ugly casting couch is dominant in China’s entertainment circle, and an A-list actress once pocketed 10 million yuan for trading a one night sex favor to a businessman.

In an interview later, Shao also out-spoke that Chinese female celebs have clear price tags for their dinner services and sex services. And mostly, their agents help pimp them out for any kind of payoffs. Interestingly now, there are even actors who prostitute themselves too.

“Casting couch is prevailing (in the entertainment circle). From little known new comers to A-list celebs, they all experienced various sex services requests.” Shao Xiaoshan assured the public that the sex scandal allegations of celebs aren’t groundless.

But when asked who the A-list actress involved in the 10 million yuan sex service is, she refused to disclose more details, though there already were speculations among the public that she could refer to Zhang Ziyi who was ever rumored to have made 700 million yuan from sleeping with the rich and powerful figures, particularly with the deposed former Chongqing boss Bo Xilai, over the last decade.

Shao only said that when the actress was once asked why she made money that way as a famous actress, she replied, she had to earn as much money as possible while still young as one day she’ll be old and unpopular.

Zhang Ziyi's nude body double reveals casting couch in China's entertainment circle

In Shao’s blog post, she also exposed that many models prostitute themselves for quick cash too, because they live in a luxury life style, renting expensive houses and hiring nannies.

Then Shao recounted her own experience, telling that she was once asked at a hotel room whether she was willing to trade sex to a businessman from Macau, who offered 1 million yuan for a week long rumpy bumpy in the boss’s luxury yacht. But she angrily refused it, throwing an ashtray to the disgusting pimp.

By the end of the blog post, Shao also said she was confused one time on a news that a female singer was put to jail because of having sexual relationship with a government official. But later she learned that the singer has another title as a military personnel. So when the official was deposed, she was investigated too.

The blog entity has received much attention on the Internet, with many criticizing it is a tasteless stunt to gab publicity for herself though.

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