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China Buzz

Young girl prostitutes herself to get revenge on her betraying boyfriend

Posted: 24 Jul 2012 09:57 PM PDT

Young girl prostitutes herself to get revenge on her betraying boyfriend

A young girl turned herself into prostitution at the end after she found her boyfriend cheated on her, and she said it was to get revenge on him.

At the police station, the journalist met this “going astray” girl, surnamed Li, 24 years old, from Yiyang city, Hunan province.

She said she had a job as an office clerk in her hometown after graduating from the college. But later because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, the heartbroken girl moved to Changsha, capital of Hunan, alone to work as a foot massage therapist there at a parlor, aiming to get her boyfriend “avenged“.

By working there for several weeks, Li found that the place was in fact an illegal brothel disguised as a massage parlor. The female therapists offered sex to their patrons and could earn up 60 percent of payment for each trade.

Finally, driven by the quick cash and hatred over her boyfriend, the 24-year-old girl prostituted herself too.

She was thus nabbed by local police and sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days.

Female trainee reports rape attempt by driving instructor

Posted: 24 Jul 2012 08:45 PM PDT

Female trainee reports rape attempt by driving instructor

Recently, a program of Anhui Satellite Station has exposed that a female trainee was almost raped by a driving instructor from a training school where she was being trained to drive in Hefei city, Anhui province, after she was made drunk in a dinner.

The 23-year-old girl, nicknamed Xiao Wing, told police that she and other trainees arranged a dinner together to thank their driving instructors a night after they had passed the first past of the road test.

During the dinner, Xiao Qing drank some bear too with all others because of being happy over the success in the test, though she understood herself could not hold much liquor.

After the dinner, one training instructor offered to take Xiao Qing home. She agreed and got on his car. But to Xiao Qing’s surprise, the instructor took her all around for a while and then brought her to a movie theater. Finding difficult to refuse him, Xiao Qing followed the teacher into the theater.

At the time, Xiao Qing already felt lightheaded under the influence of bear she drank while dining. When she realized she was sent to a hotel room, the instructor had locked up the door and attempted to rape her.

By some struggling, the frightened girl ultimately managed to run away from the room, and called up her older sister who later helped report the case to the local police.

Chinese netizens mock Shou Shou for covering up her tight skirt

Posted: 24 Jul 2012 06:47 PM PDT

Chinese netizens mock Shou Shou for covering up her tight skirt

Shou Shou, or Zhai Ling, the lead of Shou Shou Gate, a popular sex video scandal that had taken Chinese entertainment circle by storm in 2010, recently appeared up at an auto show in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

But her tight skirt obviously made her uncomfortable that day, as it rode up while sitting on a chair. Her moves to keep adjusting the skirt and covering up the hem knowingly in front of cameras then prompted netizens to mock her.

Is it necessary for her to avoid exposure?” said a web user on a Chinese popular community website, Mop, hinting that the public have already seen her naked.

The car model gained overnight fame in the beginning of 2010 after her four sex video clips were spread on the web like wildfire, showing her having sexual intercourse with a man, giving a blow job to the same man, and playing with a dildo to reach an orgasm.

It was rumored that Shou Shou ex-boyfriend initially uploaded the video clips online as a revenge to destroy her, because she used him to successfully promote herself in the modeling circle and then dumped him.

Chinese netizens mock Shou Shou for covering up her tight skirt

Chinese netizens mock Shou Shou for covering up her tight skirt

Chinese netizens mock Shou Shou for covering up her tight skirt

Chinese netizens mock Shou Shou for covering up her tight skirt

Chinese netizens question official death toll in deadly Beijing rainstorm

Posted: 24 Jul 2012 04:44 PM PDT

Chinese netizens were outraged across Sina Weibo over the government’s inability to cope with the flooding and its stupid moves again to try to hide the truth behind the disaster caused by the deadly Beijing rainstorm.

According to the official release, the worst ever rainstorm in 61 years has claimed the lives of 37 people in Beijing over the weekend. But by taking a look at the devastating aftermath of the deluge, many netizens were skeptical about the true toll of the disaster, as they believed it was the consistent stand of the government to cover up the casualty figures when there were disasters, including the last “7.23″ bullet train crash in Wenzhou and a recent fatal shopping mall fire in Tianjin.

On this morning, a businessman @蔡廷如 tweeted on his Weibo account that a Beijing official started announcing yesterday that there would be no death toll cover-up any more, “On July 24, facing the questioning from the public about the official death toll, Beijing information office director Wang Hui said, they were identifying the bodies and would soon update the public. She added, the government won’t cover up the casualty figures any more after having been through the test of SARS (that occurred in 2003 killing more than 5,000).

He then mocked that the official was “reckless” to use the hasty words “not…any more” which indicates that they have been doing so before.

Many users have followed up the post to throw their sarcastic jabs too, and express their no trust to the government any more though it said the number of casualties is still being counted.

But the number has stopped at “37″ so far, prompting netizens to make topics of it.

The following picture that is going viral now on Weibo shows the magical figure “37″ has been used in many disasters by the official reports coincidentally. For example, the downpour in Chongqing has left 37 people dead, the death toll of coalmine mishap in Datong has increased to 37, and 37 were killed in school bus accident…

Coincident? The public have their reasons to vent off anger.

But not all posts can survive the strict censorship of the government, including the true stories and photographs of the deluge and its aftermath.

An entry by @嘟嘟美女  telling a story that in a village of Beijing, the disaster relief goods were locked up by the local authority to wait for the state media to come, and the village head demanded villagers to not accept the donations directly from netizens as a threat because netizens ever called on Weibo to stop donating goods to any official relief agencies which have been proven corrupt and distrustful however is still being re-tweeted. No sure for its fate though.

Another entry lashing the country’s bureaucrats and their notoriety for corruption, in response to a current report that Beijing government pledged to upgrade the poor drainage system, seems to have disappeared.

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