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China Buzz

Shifang protest turns bloody and ultimately forces government to halt chemical plant

Posted: 03 Jul 2012 10:33 AM PDT

Shifang protest turns bloody

Another clash between residents and police took place in Shifang county, Sichuan province, one of most severely hit areas during the deadly “5.12″ Wenchuan earthquake in 2008 with at least 5924 death tolls.

The unrest started on June 30 when the local residents took to the streets to protest against a molybdenum copper project. The local government used the excuse of rebuilding quake-hit area for its people to move the planned construction on, while the local people fear that the potential toxic byproducts will be harmful to their environment and health.

The unrest quickly escalated and turned bloody, as the local government mobilized anti-riot police to disperse the crowd by violence and tear gas. Many of unarmed protesters were thus left badly injured, including children, women and elderly people. (Many netizens speculated, since July 1, 2012 was a special day marking the 91st anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, the local government wanted to suppress the protest right away.)

Interestingly, this time Beijing authority did not block the incident on the Internet!

So, “Shifang Protest” has gone wild across the microblogsphere and bbs forums, provoking widespread public anger.

Under pressure from the public, Shifang government yesterday announced to halt the billion-dollar chemical plant. Chinese netizens hailed it a victory then, saying Shifang people had stood the deadly earthquake, and now they stood the crackdown from the evil government too.

Check out the bloody photo below (be cautious):

Shifang protest turns bloody

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