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China Buzz

Intoxicated man gnaws on a woman’s face in Wenzhou street

Posted: 01 Jul 2012 03:10 PM PDT

Intoxicated man gnaws on a woman's face

The U.S. is no longer the only country haunted by face-eating zombies. China has one too.

In Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, a man has been detained after he jumped on a female driver and gnawed on her farce in broad daylight, under the influence of too much liquor.

Reportedly, the violent incident occurred near a bus station in Ouhai Distric at around 2 p.m., June 26. The offender, later identified as a public bus driver of the Wenzhou city, had drunk 750g of Chinese white liquor with his buddies at lunch, before going mad to attack the victim in a street.

When he rushed to the road, the inebriated man randomly blocked a vehicle and climbed onto its hood to hit on the windshield.

The frightened driver, Ms. Du, could only hide inside the car screaming then.

Several minutes later, Ms. Du got out of the car to flee on seeing that the mad man had no sign of stopping.

But at that instant, the man threw Ms. Du onto the ground from behind and jumped on top of her. He then started gnawing on her face.

The shocked passers by quickly ran to rescue the victim and tried to pull the offender off her, but he was too mad to be stopped.

The offender was ultimately subdued later when the local police arrived. The victim however was left in bloody injuries in her nose and lips by the bites. She was then rushed to the nearby hospital.

Intoxicated man gnaws on a woman's face
The face-biting man subdued by police.

In the U.S., the infamous Miami face-chewer was thought to be related with bath salts, which has been blamed in several similar incidents, (though later it was reported only marijuana was detected in his body).

But interestingly, the Wenzhou man’s zombie-like attack was under the influence of liquor. Better to stay away from the drunk people too.

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