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China Buzz

China Buzz

Actress Gong Xinliang makes braless appearance at film festival

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 09:04 PM PDT

Actress Gong Xinliang makes braless appearance at film festival

Actress Miumiu Gong Xinliang recently has become the topic again for her braless appearance at a film festival in Shanghai.

The 25-year-old actress is known for her role as a busty secretary in Feng Xiaogang's If You Are The One 2008 (非诚勿扰), and ever caused quite a buzz in the Entertainment circle for her romantic rumor with pianist Lang Lang (朗朗).

On June 24, in an effort to better show off her precious assets, Miu Miu took fans by surprise wearing no bra under her sexy white dress when walking down the red carpet at the closing ceremony of the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival, and accidentally had one of her breast exposed to the cameras.

Forced abortion victim’s family threatened and called traitors

Posted: 25 Jun 2012 12:33 PM PDT

Forced abortion victim family called traitors

Deng Jiyuan, the 29-year-old father of the aborted fetus, was said to have been missing, after the case of his 22-year-old wife being forced to undergo late-term abortion provoked a huge wave of public anger online.

Deng’s sister, Deng Jicai, has been using her Tecent Weibo to update the constant harassment their family have suffered.

Another sleepless night, and we were frightened up again to the loud knocking sound on the door in the morning. Sorry my sister in law, you have suffered a lot! Now we still haven’t heard any news about my brother. God, please bless my brother, and keep him safe and sound,” tweeted Deng Jicai.

Forced abortion victim family called traitors

On June 24, a group of thugs were even seen holding up a large banner in their town, calling Deng’s family traitors and demanding they leave the town.

The reason could be Deng’s family accepted the interview from a German weekly magazine. And these thugs were said to be hired by the local government.

South China Morning Post, an English-language Hong Kong newspaper, has covered the story too:

The harassment worsened after the family gave an interview to the German weekly magazine Stern on Friday. On Sunday, more than 40 men and women arrived at the hospital holding two banners reading “Beat the traitors soundly and expel them from Zengjia township”.

“They shouted and shouted, saying we were ungrateful and traitors since the government had promised to solve this matter but we still talked to foreign media,” Deng Jicai said. “My cousin, who took pictures of them, was injured, with bruises and scratches all over his body.”

A Zhenping official, refusing to be named, denied the local government had any link to Sunday’s protest.

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