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Young female reporter mistakes artificial vagina for mystery mushroom

Posted: 21 Jun 2012 11:12 AM PDT

Young female reporter mistakes artificial vagina for mysterious mushroom

A TV news program in Xi’an has become a national laughing stock by mistaking a sex toy for men to masturbate with as mystery mushroom.

The fungi-like object was discovered by villagers when drilling a new well in their village on the outskirts of Xi’an City, capital of Shaanxi Province. Believing it as a “fateful” discovery, villagers called up the TV Station.

A young female reporter was soon sent to the spot, giving “a passionate and detailed description.

They called it taisui, a type of rare lingzhi mushroom, and said that experts were being summoned to confirm, while giving it strokes, squeezes, and measuring it.

The report has cracked millions of viewers up online as netizens soon recognized that it was in fact the artificial vagina.

Netizens show understanding to the simple villagers, but felt surprised that the TV station even has such a lack of knowledge on reproduction and sex.

See the following report from May Daily:

A young female reporter from Xi'an TV Station mistakenly introduced a sex toy for men to masturbate with, claiming it was a rare mushroom (see video).

The reporter claimed that an old farmer found what he thought was the rare lingzhi mushroom when digging a well near his house in Xi’an city, the capital of Shaanxi province.

Lingzhi (灵芝) means “miraculous long life” and the mushroom has been used as a medicinal herb for at least 2,000 years in China, most notably by the Emperor Qin Shi Huang (259BC–210), who painstakingly sought it out in his search for immortality

While villagers handled and stroked the sex toy, the reporter gave a passionate and detailed description.

She then gave it a good squeeze and touched it up, saying the top of the “mushroom’s” head had a mouth-like opening with a small hole.

“It’s really smooth to the touch,” she commented.

She said the villagers had checked on the Internet and were sure they had a rare lingzhi mushroom, while experts were being summoned to confirm.

But it didn’t take long for netizens to work out that it was in fact a sex toy, the rubber kind that simulate a woman's private part and men put over their penises to rub up and down until the point of blessed relief.

The TV station admitted the mistake and apologized on its microblog, on Monday, saying its reporter was young and inexperienced.

“We are sorry we misled viewers and made them feel uncomfortable,” it said in a statement.

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