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China Buzz

Chinese netizen arrested and fined for downloading porn video

Posted: 16 Jun 2012 10:43 AM PDT

Chinese netizen arrested and fined for downloading porn video

Recently, a web user from Songyuan, Jilin complained on Baidu Tieba (a BBS forum of the Chinese search giant Baidu) that he had been detained for 15 days and fined with RMB3,000 by local police because his computer was found having 95 pornographic video clips. The police confiscated his computer too, and refused to return it upon his release, because they believed it was a “criminal article”.

The web user also said in another post that it was the revenge taken by the police officers. He ever re-published a photograph on a section of Baidu Tieba for Songyuan city before showing that a young man wearing black sunglasses and carrying a long hacking knife sat in a police car. He was thus summoned by Songyuan police officers to “assist” investigation. During the investigation, the police found from his computer 95 porn video clips.

The web user told police that he downloaded these clips from the Internet for himself to watch at home, but never re-uploaded, spread, and made copies of them for any purposes. But still the punishment to him was executed.

The incident soon caused quite a stir on Baidu Tieba, specially the Songyuan city section, which arouse attention from the Songyuan police officers as well.

One of the police officers then used an alias to maliciously publish the victim’s personal information, including his name and place of work, and cast a slur on his reputation by saying that he beat middle aged women and insulted young women online by postings too.

He is a total scum. We support the public security organ to fight against such a scum to clean up the Internet and social environments,” the officer continued, under his alias.

Netizens have believed it was indeed the police officer too, based on the old posts of the alias containing the officer’s phone number. But now this officer has avoided all calls and interviews.

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