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China Buzz

Various stunning ads found in China

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 06:36 PM PDT

Various stunning ads found in China

“Only twenty thousand yuan. Do it or not?”

A real eastate developer put up an advertisment, saying that their houses that sell for RMB6,107 per square meters require only a down payment of RMB20,000.

Various stunning ads found in China

“If adulteration, die without offspring.”

An old small workshop for milk products processing put up a slogan, to swear that they do not adulterate their dairy to reap profits.

Various stunning ads found in China

“Use the toilet, and get a tea egg (egg cooked with tea leaves) for free.”

This is an advertisement for a public toilet that collects fees.

Various stunning ads found in China

“Pee in the urinals, or your dick is short.”

A sign was placed off a wall inside a public toilet to want men to pee in the urinals correctly.

Various stunning ads found in China

“Use China Mobile, you can make phone calls while working on the farm.”

The is the ad that China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile operator by subscribers, promotes in Chinese villages.

Various stunning ads found in China

“Induce or abort, but not bear!”

A typical nasty one-child slogan used by the National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC) in old days.

There were many of these threatening slogans before, such as “take away all your belongings,” “hunt you down,” and “kill your family,” if people don’t follow the one-child policy.

Various stunning ads found in China

“Steve Jobs has kicked the bucket. Why would you still be buying Apple?”

A poster was found outside an Android store.

Various stunning ads found in China

“If you can’t give her an ‘official status (名分)’, buy her a flat.”

A real estate developer encourages men to buy their houses.

名分 (mingfen) usually refers to the status a mistress or second wife seeks from her lover.

Video: Chengguan officers group beaten by high school students

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 11:56 AM PDT

Chengguan officers group beaten by high school students

Two chengguan officers were surrounded by a large crowd of high school students and beaten the hell out of near the No. 15 high school of Zaozhuang city, Shangdong Province on June 11.

The incident started when the two officers of chengguan (notorious for their abuse of power and violence, when cracking down the street vendors) injured an old peddler near the school in a conflict.

Burning with indignation, the young students then ganged up against the officers.

The chengguan later announced via the city’s press center that it was to keep a good order in the vicinity of the school for students by cleaning out the street peddlers, but they were wrongly treated. The elderly man was accidentally injured in his forehead during the clean-out, which unexpectedly aroused misunderstanding among the students against the enforcement officers who were wrongly accused of beating the elderly man.

However, responding to the matter, the public mostly believed that the chengguan officers deserved the beating.

So, did they arouse public misunderstanding, or public outcry?

Broken pole repaired by China Telecom with adhesive tapes

Posted: 13 Jun 2012 10:53 AM PDT

Broken pole repaired by China's Telecom with adhesive tapes

Recently, a pole with telecommunication cables was knocked down by some vehicle inside a public park in Guilin city of southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, but China’s state-owned telecommunication company only used the company’s adhesive tapes and some iron wires to bind the broken parts together.

The customer service center of the company explained that the administrative office of the public park asked for a high cost for replacing the pole, so their maintainers held up the pole with the wires and tapes temporarily.

They also added that they have worked to negotiate with the park’s administrative office for an earlier replacement of the pole.

The company’s adhesive tapes were used only as a warning signal.” And responding to the hidden danger, the customer service center argued, “The pole won’t fall down, because it is not overburdened and the cables above keep its balance too.

The broken pole has been erected like that at the park for a while, and its photos have been widespread on Chinese major BBS forums too, causing quite a stir.

A netizen joked, “The tape is in very good quality!! I would like to buy some of them home, and wind it around our jerry-built building.

Broken pole repaired by China's Telecom with adhesive tapes

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