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China Buzz

Brett Ratner makes a bloody awkward mistake when flirting Li Bingbing

Posted: 10 Jun 2012 07:22 PM PDT

Brett Ratner makes an bloody awkward mistake when flirting Li Bingbing

An awkward mistake made by American director Brett Ratner recently, known for directing the Rush Hour film series, when he tried to continue flirting Chinese actress Li Bingbing after knowing her at the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival last month.

He uploaded a photo of him taken with Li at the film festival onto his Sina Weibo account (@officialbrettratner), but said, “I want Fan Bing Bing to be in one of my films or atleast marry me?

Oops, this is really embarrassing! Fan Bingbing is another famous Chinese actress, often referred as Red Carpet Queen or Fashion Queen for her flaunting appearance at the international film festivals and fashion circle.

The mistake cracked Ratner’s followers up, but pissed Li’s fans off, who demanded Ratner to delete the post.

On realizing the stupid blunder, the director apologized the next day,

Please excuse my mistake! This is the one and only Li Bing Bing!! My future muse and hopefully wife. My apologies to all her fans!

But it would be too late, poor Ratner. You can expect Li to be in one of your films, but no hope being your wife now. You should’ve got her family name right at least before making the proposal.

6-year-old girl covered in black fur abandoned by family in central China

Posted: 10 Jun 2012 02:16 PM PDT

6-year-old girl covered in black fur abandoned by family in central China

A 6-year-old girl covered with thick black fur has been sent to a local hospital for treatments in a remote village of Guizhou Province, after media coverage of her condition.

The little lovely girl, named Liu Jiangli, was born with a rare condition causing herself to have 60% of the body surface coated in black fur, including her left face and arm. (See above photo.)

Her mother was frightened after giving birth to her, and left the family home when she was only two years old. Her father, working as a migrant worker in Guizhou’s capital city Guiyang, then took her to a nursery in their hometown but never came back.

It was a distant relative of the girl who adopted her later, after the nursery put up ads on local newspapers to ask her family to take her back as she often frightened other children to cry.

Liu Mingying, 48, and his wife have three children and a 95-year-old mother to raise before holding Liu Jiangli back home.

In four years, Liu Mingying has been taking good care of the girl, but had no savings to take her to hospital.

Besides, Liu also worried that she would frighten other children or be made fun of when sending her to school.

You may check more photos here.

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