Wednesday, June 6, 2012

China Buzz

China Buzz

Canadian porn actor arrested in Berlin for murdering, dismembering Chinese student

Posted: 04 Jun 2012 12:27 PM PDT

Canadian porn actor arrested in Berlin for murder and dismemberment
Interpol published a photo of Magnotta passing through an unnamed airport security checkpoint.

A Canadian porn actor accused of murdering and dismembering a Chinese student and mailing his body parts to Canada’s top political parties was arrested on Monday at an Internet cafe in Berlin, Germany, after a weeklong international manhunt.

29-year-old Luka Magnotta spent an hour at the cafe reading news about himself on the Internet before he was seized by Berlin police. A cafe employee there recognized him from a newspaper photo and alerted the police.

Magnotta, dubbed the Canadian Psycho and most-wanted man by Canada, is suspected of killing Lin Jun (林俊), 32, a Chinese university student he dated, in his flat in Montreal on May 24 or May 25.

Lin’s torso was found in an abandoned suitcase outside Magnotta’s apartment building, while a severed foot of him was mailed to the Conservative Party headquarters, and a hand was discovered in a separate package addressed to the Liberal Party of Canada. Other parts of Lin’s body are still missing.

A 10-minute video recording the gruesome crime was posted online too, showing a man stabbing his naked and bound victim with an ice pick. He also dismembers the corpse, eats part of flesh and performs sexual acts.

Based on evidence Canadian police collected, Magnotta was believed to have boarded a flight for France on May 26, and then fled Paris for Berlin by bus.

When he was identified and questioned by Berlin police, Magnotta, a bisexual porn star and a gay prostitute who ever used aliases Eric Clinton Newman (his birth name) and Vladimir Romanov, put up no resistance but said “You got me.”

The grisly slaying of the Chinese student has made headlines for days in Chinese newspapers and websites, and provoked widespread anger in the country.

Chinese consulate in Canada has reminded Chinese citizens in Canada, especially students, to be more self-protective and contact the consulate when facing difficulties, and urged relevant authorities in Canada to take effective measures to protect the security of Chinese citizens in Canada, reports China Daily.

Canadian porn actor arrested in Berlin for murder and dismemberment
Lin Jun, 32, is believed to have a relationship with the murderer.

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