Saturday, July 16, 2011


Dewi Persik make unremitting sensation. And for the umpteenth time anyway, Depe, so he called, showing off the breast. This time to boost his new movie, 'Ghost boyfriend Virgin'. The photographs are now busy circulating on the internet site that displays a photo in one of the movie 'Ghost girlfriend Virgin', where Dewi Persik breast covered with a sheet of white cloth.Because a thin white cloth was exposed to water, no doubt, breast Depe it became clearly visible. In another photo, the appearance Depe also looks equally sexy. He looks so dreamy shirt bras and panties look. Previously, in order to boost the film, Depe until the 'heart-how could' claim that he did surgery virginity. Many doubt if the operation is properly conducted virginity widow and Aldiansyah Saipul Jamil Taher this.

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