Friday, June 3, 2011


PARIS Hilton has just opened up about her public humiliation at her sex tape scandal - but had no problems stripping off in front of the cameras for her new show.

The US socialite peeled off her clothes as she got into the bath for the debut episode of The World According To Paris.

The 30-year-old got viewers into a lather as she washed her hair and was covered in suds in her Beverly Hills mansion.

Bathroom scene ... Paris Hilton

She was later seen chatting to her mum Kathy in just a pink towel.

During the episode, which aired in America last night, she also rowed with her boyfriend Cy Waits after he found a text from one of her exes on her phone.

Despite repeatedly saying how
In a lather ... Paris Hilton
Oxygen / Splash News
But after patching things up, Paris declares: "Cy is such a great guy I don't want to mess things up... I love him so much."

The night before her interview on Piers Morgan's CNN chat show had broadcast in the States.

She had to comfort her sobbing mum Kathy as she told how the sex tape had changed her life forever.

Her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon released the infamous tape in 2003. It had been made in 2001, when Paris was 20.

She admitted that she was preparing to warn her future children about the tape.

Grabs of Paris Hilton and her mother Kathy appearing on Piers Morgan's US chat show last night, where the socialite opened up about her infamous sex tape and how she has to live with it for the rest of her life.
Opening up ... Paris and Kathy Hilton on Piers Morgan's CNN show
Paris told Piers: "When people look at me they think that I'm something I'm not just because of one incident one night with someone who I was in love with.

"People assume 'Oh, she's a slut' because of one thing that happened to me and it's hard because I'll have to live with that for the rest of my life and explain it to my children."

Paris added that the incident was "the most embarrassing, humiliating thing" that has ever happened in her life.

via - The Sun

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