Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It’s not the first time that I’ve seenCandice Swanepoel nude. As matter of fact if I’m counting it’s probably the 8th time that I’ve seen her like this. From her topless photo shoot for New Paul de Luna to her portraits with Seth Sabal to Vogue Greece and to one of her best editorial spreads for VMan.
Candice has been our favorite Victoria’s Secret model. And we recall discovering her when she was not “all that” we said, this girl has got something special in her smile and her curvy figure -- now since we’ve dropped “Celebrity News” from our website I am not even going to try and do the research what this was for -- fine. I will, because I’m going to try and find if there are more photos of Candice Swanepoel nude.

The CFDA 2011 Awards (Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards) takes place at the Lincoln Center, New York City -- our city. Where Candice is currently taking her clothes off for what -- we don’t know, and we don’t really care -- we just want to see more of.

Enjoy these photos of Candice, we did.

Candice Swanepoel Nude (Covered) - 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards Backstage5_4dee1fdc8ec8aCandice Swanepoel Nude (Covered) - 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards Backstage4_4dee1fdc8b5d3Candice Swanepoel Nude (Covered) - 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards Backstage3_4dee1fdc87f20Candice Swanepoel Nude (Covered) - 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards Backstage2_4dee1fdc84870

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