Friday, June 17, 2011


SIZZLING Emma Frain shows she means business after appearing on last night's Apprentice.

The glamour model stripped to her lingerie in a sexy secretary-style shoot for Nuts magazine.

She was used on the cover of Team Logic's lads' mag, Covered, on the latest episode of the BBC1 show.

Emma-Frain- NUTS
Saucy ... Emma
It saw both teams set the task of creating a magazine - with Logic's team leader Natasha Scribbins settling on a 'dirty secretary' theme for the cover of their lads' mag.

And model Emma has claimed that Lord Alan Sugar's aide Karren Brady gave her dirty looks when she was modelling for the shoot.

She told Nuts: "She didn't speak to me. She just stood in the background giving me dirty looks the whole time. I got the impression she didn't like glamour models!"

And when asked about how much she got paid for the saucy shoot, Emma added: "I didn't get paid for it.

"They said they had a budget and were going to pay me, but I think that budget was make-believe.

"So we didn't get paid anything, which was rubbish. They forgot this is what we do for a living!"

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-via The Sun

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