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Temperatures were already high in Miami today but when Maria Menounos arrived on the beach in a snarlingly good bikini, things really started to heat up.
The 32-year-old Access Hollywood presenter has been too busy to lounge lately as she's been promoting her new book, which is a shame as she's a beauty in a bikini.

In fact judging by these pictures she should pen a tome entirely comprised of tips for looking sensational throughout a day on the beach.

Sitting Pretty: Maria Menounos enjoyed some beach time in Miami today

Sitting Pretty: Maria Menounos enjoyed some beach time in Miami today

Brunette Menounos spent the whole day soaking up the sun and drinking cocktails with her long-term boyfriend Kevin Ungaro.

And there was ne'er a sweaty face or hair out of place between them.

The presenter usually keeps their solid relationship relatively under wraps, but happily she didn't keep that sexy bikini and wonderful body similarly shrouded.

The 32-year-old Massachusetts native previously dropped ten dress sizes, so she's more qualified than most celebrities to instruct in the ways of nutrition and dieting.

Menounos credits her healthy lifestyle for the sensational form she maintains.

The new book. which is entitled The Every Girl's Guide to Life, offers her advice on how to live a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Perfect: Menounos shows off her beautiful physique, but she was one much heavier

Perfect: Menounos shows off her beautiful physique, but she was one much heavier

In an interview with health the blog, Maria said she wrote the book to inspire other women.

'I see so many friends, acquaintances and even strangers struggle in their daily lives.

They struggle to look their best, get ahead, manage finances and manage their lives. I saw myself struggle and fail when I started out, too,' she said.


Chic: Menounos looks effortlessly good, and she says she can help you do this, too

Love: Menounos spent the day with boyfriend of thirteen years Kevin Undergaro

Maria, who lost 40 pounds after college, added: 'Many of us struggle and fail when we don't have to.

Author: Menounos at a book signing in LA earlier this month

Author: Menounos at a book signing in LA this month

In The EveryGirl's Guide to Life, I share experiences and practical tips that every girl, famous or not famous, wealthy or not wealthy, can apply daily toward achieving a more successful, prosperous and healthy appearance.'

Among her advice: 'Breathing in and exhaling deeply is something none of us do enough of.

It really helps me. The key is remembering to do it. Doing 10 minutes of yoga in the morning is great, too.'

The former Miss Massachusetts Teen USA first went public with her weight loss struggles in 2008, in interview with Fitness magazine.

The Greek American goddess, who has been in a committed relationship with Ungaro for 13 years, said she started gaining weight when she went away to Emerson College in Boston.

The brunette, who was last year named one of the Sexiest 100 Women in the World by FHM, is also an actress having landed bit-parts in One Tree Hill and Scrubs.

- via Daily Mail

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